Markham Review

WCG:ITX developed the online edition of the Markham Review in October 2013. The project uses the WCG:CMS product to allow the Markham Review staff to quickly upload new stories, images and manage issues.

To get the project started, we created a prototype on the server. We then imported nearly 200 stories from their existing website, provided services to upload articles from their current issue, and migrated their URL names ( and to the new server.

The website features:

  • Content Tagging, allowing visitors to quickly locate related articles about a place, person, or event.
  • Mapping, showing visitors exactly where an event will occur, or the key location of an article
  • Upcoming Events, keeping visitors up-to-date on upcoming events, including when and where the will occur.
  • HTML 5 Slide Show, featuring icons from current issue articles.

We're proud to report that the entire project took 30 days to complete.