WCG Content Management System

The WCG Content Management System (CMS) is used by our customers so they can manage websites themselves.

You can see our CMS in action at the following sites. (by the way, this site is developed using WCG:CMS too!).

Basic CMS Features

Our CMS has the same features as other content management systems like WordPress including

  • Select from 100's of page layouts. Our Bootstrap based layouts help ensure that your site looks great, and adapts to phones and tablets
  • Ability to build and update pages with an online editor. Just logon, and create your content.
  • Create custom menus, and group your pages together in menu headings
  • Create Photo Galleries

Special WCG:CMS Features

Set-up, Training and Hosting

Unlike traditional Open Source CMS systems, where you start with a manual, and a how-to-guide, we offer a full range of services to get you started right away.

We set-up the the websites for all of our customers, and develop the content, home page, and menu system. If you have existing content, articles, images, event data, we'll import it directly into the CMS system to migration is easy.

Next we train our customers so they can maintain the site themselves. Because you're working with us, we'll make sure you know what to do, and we can always help out if you need it.

Finally, we provide managed hosting for your site. We'll provide a temporary site so you can see our work during the set-up phase. Next, we migrate your domain names, and provide your hosting. Your site, images and data are backed up nightly, and archived weekly.

Responsive Layout - Look Great on Every Device

As of September 2013, almost 20% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, including tablet computers and phones. Our templates feature a "responsive" layout, so your website looks great on every device, including desktop browsers, mobile phones and tablet computers. By using the WCG CMS, you save by developing your site 1 time, and not building a special website for mobile content.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from the Ground Up

As experts in SEO, we understand how search engines view your website, and deliver content to help optimize your position within search engines including Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft Bing. Our team helps you define the keywords associated with your products and services, and then we integrate these keywords into your content so search engines will quickly identify your site as a leader in your area of expertise.

Advanced Content Features

Article Tagging

Our article tagging feature really sets us apart from the competition. Customers can dynamically tag each article as they work. Over time by re-using the tags, related articles can be quickly located by visitors. Article tagging is found only on the most professional websites, and it will help your website look like the best in it's field.

Location Mapping

The WCG:CMS Mapping features allow customers to quickly store locations for their articles. The saved locations can then be used in articles, and events so visitors know exactly where to go. Maps of a single location can be quickly embedded in a page, and a summary map shows all of the locations stored in a website.

Online Advertising

Incorporating online advertising has never been easier that with WCG:CMS. Our advertising maintenance page allows you to configure which ads will appear, in pre-defined advertising slots. Ads can be scheduled in advance, so they automatically appear on the start date, and are removed after the expiration date. WCG:CMS supports both Google AdSense, as well as in-house image based advertising.

The Developer Advantage

Unlike most content management systems, when you work with WCG:CMS, you're working directly with the developer. This means that we have full access to the code that creates your website, and can modify it in ways that simply cannot be done with Open Source systems. Our customers are using this capability in several interesting ways including:

Online Newspaper Publishing. WCG modified the CMS system to group articles into issues and feature current issues together on a home page, creating a unique online newspaper.

Complex Mapping. Maps communicate and serve as a call to action. We work with your content to develop an understanding of how mapping could work for your business, including showing distances to events (walking or driving). Calculating driving routes. Determining the closest provider of your service. Our proven approach fits for both small maps, with just 1 or 2 locations, events with nearby services, or maps of thousands of locations world wide.

CRM Functionality. Using our CMS system, VNews One has created a unique Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system at a fraction of the cost of traditional CRM systems. The CRM is specifically tailored to VNews One's workflow for on-boarding customers, delivering their video content and performing monthly billing.