Web & Content Management

Web Sites are the starting point for many companies, and how we start our relationships with many of our customers.

We develop websites using our own content management system (CMS), named WCG:CMS. It allows us to rapidly build your website, and train you to keep it up-to-date. We provide a dedicated team of professionals to develop and running your site, so you can focus on your business.

The WCG:CMS is an online tool used by our customers to build and maintain their websites. Since you're working directly with the product developers, you'll be able to extend your website in exciting and powerful ways that are just not possible using Open Source content management systems. We can incorporate design changes directly into the core system, so that your web site and online operations are seamless.

We're your Web Team

Building, hosting and maintaining a website takes wide variety of expertise that takes time to perfect. Our team has been building online websites and web based applications since 1999. We have the expertise that your organization needs to design the website, host it, and provide on-going support and training so you can maintain in yourself, or with our help.

We provide a full-range of services, so you don't need to build a team of professionals yourself, or assemble a group of competing contractors each with a small piece of the project. Our streamlined team offers improved coordination and support for your project. This proven approach eliminates over-head, and produces a better product.


Our Content Management System (CMS) is easy to use because we get you started. Unlike other CMS systems, where you start with a 500 page book and a dream, we get you started, and support you all the way. We'll configure your web layout, menu system, first pages, and then train you on how to maintain the site in the future.

Some screen shots of our CMS in action. Here's how to logon, create a web page and view the results.

1. Logon - Home Page

Logon with your secure user-id / password. You'll be taken to the home page that links to the most common operations, including creating / editing a web page article, uploading an image, creating a photo gallery.

2. Create an Article

Create an article, our editor makes it easy to cut and paste content, as well as embed images, add document tags, and link to locations you've defined on your website.

3. You're Online!

Save your changes an quickly view them online, the content is ready to go, complete with embedded images, tags, menus, and links.

Application Development

Building a website is just the beginning. We can extend your website to incorporate:

  • Customer & Partner Portals. Create a online website for your customers and partners to place orders, and perform other real-time transactions. Our proven platform supports very large databases featuring billions of records and millions of daily transactions.
  • Online Workflow Operations. Move your organization off of spreadsheets, and local access databases, and synchronize operations with our online application platform. Creating a central database for your operations and accessing it online eliminates frustrating e-mail chains, improves accuracy, and provides a platform for cost management analysis and new product development.

For more application ideas, see our Application Development page, or view our Projects