Real-time Market Insights

We're experts at assembling data from many sources and providing real-time insights within our applications. The resulting applications provide more value than simple reports, since they link directly to cutomer orders, and operational data.

As an example of our work, we've extended the work of James Blickre from a recent article that compares the S&P 500, with the CBOE's VIX Volatility (aka "Fear" and "Greed") index.

The original article describes the correlation in 2022. We've extended the comparison for the last 5 years to illustrate how unique relationship is. We assemble the data nightly, so we'll be able to see if the trend continues in the future as well.

Like many of the solutions we build for our customers, the program:

  •  Downloads and assembles data from several sources into a report.
  •  Implements a custom algorithm (stock trading) on the data
  •  Provides real-time charting of data so everyone can visualize the results at any time

Market Analysis

In 2022, the S&P 500 followed a consistent, and rare, pattern directly correlated to the CBOE's VIX "Fear and Greed" index.

The chart illustrates a sucessful, yet simplistic, strategy

  •  Buy when the market is showing fear (VIX > 35).
  •  Sell when the market is showing complacency / greed (VIX < 20).

S&P 500 Stock Charting