Proven Enterprise Applications with WCG:ITX

We provide proven solutions, and support

Custom Enterprise Solutions using our proven team and WCG:ITX framework.

We develop tailor made applications, built to our customer's specifications using a proven team and approach.

These applications:

  • Coordinate operations, billing and customer portals into a single platform.
  • Provide the basis for real-time profitability, productivity, and market analysis.
  • Solutions are massively scalable, handling millions of monthly transactions with ease.

WCG:ITX - The Instant Application Team

It can take years to build a seasoned development team. Opportunities won't wait for recruiting, training and application framework construction. Building your own IT team is risky, and requires technical leadership, management, training skills that many organizations don't have.

Our customers can react right away to new opportunites by using WCG:ITX. We have a proven team and framework ready to go, with a rapid-delivery and customer focused mindset.


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Application Development and Hosting Services

Custom Application Development

Our team will adapt our WCG framework to build your application. We're starting with a proven solution, and are tailoring it to your business.

Managed Application Hosting

We can manage hosting the application with AWS, including everything you need to deploy to hundreds of customer accounts, billing millions of orders.

As your business grows, our scalable solution can easily add additional power, or servers to address specific requirements.

We monitor your program to ensure up-time, and that you're always ready to do business online.

Application Support

Our developers also serve as our application support. This allows us to quickly diagnose issues, and come up with solutions frequently in a couple hours.


Current Customer Portfolio

  • All
  • E-Commerce Logistics
  • Freight Logistics
  • Health Care
Hensall Global Logistics

The "H2" programs that we developed for Hensall manage their complex customer quotes, operations, delivery and commodity contract fulfillment.

Global e-Parcel

The Phoenix project provides terminal operations, back-office billing and customer portal with real-time data for millions of pieces of letter mail and e-commerce parcels sent worldwide.

DAI Post

WCG developed "GlobalTrack", DAI's operational program used by their terminals, and customers. The program features advanced parcel routing, zone skipping, and integrations with several carriers in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Signify Health

Our team developed Advance Health's MMS "Member Management System" that managed over 1 million in-home health care assessment's conducted by 1,500 nurse practitioners. After the Signify Health merger, we continue to support the on-going Care Management feature of the program. These programs mananaged the scheduling, and logistics of the in-home appointments as well as the on-going systems integration with the largest US health insurance companies.

Reliable Logistics

Our team developed "ShipEzee", Reliable's customer billing, operations, and customer portal. The program features advanced parcel routing, zone skipping, and integrations with several carriers and customers with high volume throughout Canada.

DHL / Deutsche Post

We developed "SmartCharge", used by DHL customers to process daily DHL mail shipments and allocate the mail costs amoung several departments, or sub-customer accounts. The program features mail rating, mail processing, custom reporting and integration with both DHL's internal systems and customer systems.


We developed their enterprise operational system including customer billing, operations, and customer portal. The program features automated sorting and dimensioning, zone skipping, and integrations with several carriers and customers with high cross border volume between US and Canada.

The Mail Group

The Mail Group combines MSI, IMEX, and several other carriers. We developed their MSI Online enterprise system for mail processing, and extended the capabilities with MAPS (mail and parcel system). The program features automated mail sorting, parcel routing, and integrations with several carriers and internal parcel systems.


We developed "NetLink", DeliveryNet's customer parcel processing system. The program features parcel routing, zone skipping, customer billing and integrations with several carriers and internal parcel systems and billing workflows.

Technology Partner

ID Parcel & Mail Solutions

ID Parcel & Mail Solutions designs and builds innovative and cost-effective parcel & mail processing and sorting systems for small to medium volume applications. They specialize in e-commerce parcel and postal sorting automation, cross-border international mail, USPS domestic mail bar coding and sorting, and other special sorting applications.

They are also particularly adept at helping customers implement parcel and mail automation into their operations with affordable technology that can be added to as the organization grows. This modular approach allows organizations to plug in systems and add to existing equipment down the line.

ID Parcel & Mail Solutions automation technology is highly compatible with WCG:ITX solutions. As a result, they have been a great partner for us.

Proven Delivery Statistics


Some quick reporting on the volume that our systems process.

e-Commerce Parcels delivered during 2023.

e-Commerce Carrier integrations, including USPS, Canada Post, Australia Post, and others.

Years of experience managing letter mail and e-commerce parcels

e-Commerce API Customers using APIs developed using the WCG Framework.

Proven Scalabity

Our systems have easily accomodated the incredible growth of e-Commerce transactions that occurred during the pandemic.

We've managed an 8 fold increase in transaction volume with addtional cloud servers, serverless parcel tracking, and database optimizations.

Parcel Volume 2019-Present

Select WCG Customer Accounts

Data Source: WCG
Charting: WCG Framework Charting Library

Ken Kavanagh

General Manager at ShipHero

Director Delivery Net

We chose WCG to develop our NetLink customer portal and operations program based on their proven track record and reputation.
They brought both technical and industry expertise to the project, and have supported the program since 2015.
They've been very helpful in our integration between DeliveryNet and ShipHero.

Craig Radford

Co-CEO at Wizmo Solutions Inc.

WCG was able to write code that just worked and could do so quickly. Prior to this it was a challenge.
At the same time their industry knowledge meant minimal scoping was required as they just "got it".
They are a long term trusted partner.
We continue to lean on these unique strengths long term as we build together.

Jerry Fennerty

President and CEO - ID Parcel & Mail Solutions

ID Parcel & Mail Solutions automation technology is highly compatible with WCG:ITX solutions.
As a result, they have been a great partner for us.

Krzysztof Gruca

Director of IT - Reliable Logistics

WCG is not just a software house, they are experts in creating solutions for Supply Chain Industry. They will not only deliver what you asked for, they will suggest relavent features that you forgot to ask for.
I have been working with WCG Team on multiple projects in businesses and was always delighted with the speed, quality and reliability of the software produced as well as the post-sale customer service and support.
Their delivery is always on the highest international level.


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