About Us

About Us

Walseth Consulting Group, Inc. (WCG) was initially founded in 1999, by our president William (Bill) Walseth. Bill brings a background as developer and technical manager for William M. Mercer, and Accenture’s (then Andersen Consulting) Northbrook Technology Park. He then served as SAGA Software’s Technical Director of Enterprise Integration Services where he gained a hands on understanding the enterprise integration and B2B problems faced by Fortune 500 firms. Bill's brings a wide range of experience from the clients he worked for, including Freddie Mac, Delta Airlines, Alltel, USAA, and UPS.

Walseth Consulting Group, Inc. was formed and began building and integrating B2B exchanges for Freddie Mac, Deutsche Post Global Mail, American Home Mortgage, and Investigative Consultants, Inc. applying formal EAI theory and message broker designs to practical uses in these exchanges. We continue to build on our success, expanding the B2B exchanges we’ve built for our clients, and seeking new opportunities to apply our skills.

We can offer a full range of application development and integration solutions, and use our WCG:ITX framework to get projects started successfully.

Our Team

Each member of our team has expertise in the WCG Framework, the basis for all of our application development.

Developers are experts in .NET, SQL Server, XML and web application development.

Regan Pestl - Director Application Development

Regan joined WCG in 2005, leads our development efforts. Regan has expertise in SQL Server, IIS, and .NET and leads our Advanced Health project team. He has specialized expertise in ID Mail Systems, mail terminal operations, and real-time profitability analysis.

James Robinson - Managing Consultant

James joined WCG in 2014, and supports both our logistics and health care customer accounts. James offers our clients a seasoned application development approach, with specialized expertise in SQL Server administration and optimization, HTML5, and Progressive Web Applications.

Burak Ates - Consultant

Burak joined WCG in 2018, and supports our logistics accounts. Burak develops and supports customer on-boarding with the labeling and tracking API. He's developed numerous shipping labels in ZPL and PDF format and manages development of the web based operations and locally installed terminal software.

William Sinclair - Consultant

William joined WCG in 2016, and supports both our logistics and health care customer accounts developing .NET web applications, SQL Server programming and PDF document creation. Will has special expertise in front end design.

Berkay Ayaz - Consultant

Berkay joined WCG in 2019, and supports our logistics accounts, and internal server monitoring operations. He's developed expertise in the WCG framework, SQL, XML and XSL programming.