Application Development

Custom applications create a competitive advantage for your organization.

We build custom applications for organizations to improve customer service, monitor and stream-line operations, and even create new products and service offerings.

Improving Customer Service

We can help your organization improve customers service in several ways with our custom applications.

  • Order Processing - Make it easy for customers to do business with you with an online order processing system. We can tailor our shopping-cart features to any type of business, and carefully manage the order process.
  • Customer Service - Connect with your customers online with a customer service portal. Our customer service portals allow customers to track orders, as questions, and submit service tickets.
  • Proactive Communication - Actively communicate with customers and anticipate their needs to establish top customer service. Our applications can monitor operations, and communicate with customers directly so they know what to expect from your services.

Reduce Costs

By working closely with our customers, we've developed systems that:

  • Streamline Operations our systems measure key statistics to reveal the most time consuming and highest costs. We develop systems to identify and eliminate bottle necks in your operations.
  • Improve Accuracy By automating key operations, we improve accuracy and eliminate costs related to miscommunication and mistakes.
  • Supply Chain Optimization Developing systems to manage complex supply chains, complex contracts and exchange rates can offer organizations big savings. Our systems manage vendor rates, exchange rates and contract terms to find lowest cost solutions

Create New Products

We work with our customers to package their expertise into on-line service offerings

  • Evaluation Services We develop applications to collect survey data from a variety of participants to allow management to gauge effectiveness. Our application manages surveys, and notification of participants
  • Expert Systems Our "Tag-Library" product allows Government Transaction Services to bundle their expertise in Government Purchasing into a subscription based service.
  • Web Services We re-package data in a manner that customers can automate directly with their systems.

Trusted Partner

Big wins require a trusted partner with experience and the proven reliability that WCG:ITX offers. Contact us today, let's discuss your project, and how we can help develop it.