Application Gardens

Web Applications Are Like Gardens

Many customers view application development as a one-time event, like a kitchen renovation or building an addition onto your home. They view software development as an data architecture / engineering project, with a fixed scope, built in a static environment, and with easily identified results.

Application development doesn't fit this traditional project / engineering model very well. Scope frequently changes, and for the better, once an initial prototype is developed. The environment changes as new capabilities, new partners, technologies, and security threats emerge. Metrics of success frequently evolve from the initial functionality, to streamlining operations, enabling business partners, increasing traffic and system use.

Experienced customers take a more seasoned approach to web site, and application development. They realize that applications, just like gardens, are never really "done". They see their web applications as company assets that require care and feeding by skilled gardeners over an extended period of time. Building a relationship with a skilled gardener (developer), that knows your garden (application), produces long-term results at lower costs than re-starting your garden every year.

WCG:ITX provides long-term care for your IT Assets. We help you develop your initial project with our proven application framework and rapid deployment approach. Over time, we work together with you refine the application with improved features that build on proven capabilities. Since we support many applications, we can help protect your assets from security threats, help navigate changing technology and suggest new features to help you achieve your long term vision.