Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Integration

No single software product will meet the needs of an organization. It’s quite common that organizations use:

  • A special “operational system”, that is tailored for their day-to-day operations
  • An accounting system, for managing customer accounts, AP/AR, payroll and taxes.
  • A customer relationship management (CRM) system
  • Software to manage web sites (internal and external), and web site portals into operations

Furthermore, many organizations now interact with others in real-time to provide reporting online or by using automated web services.

Successful communication between these systems requires a world-class Enterprise Integration approach, as well as practical experience keeping systems up-to-date with one another.

Enterprise integration is a core service offering of WCG:ITX. Our proven integration approaches turn this ‘problem’ into an opportunity for your organization to stand above your competition. Successful organizations use integration to their advantage in several ways:

  • It allows organizations to use ‘best-of-breed’ software and data providers
  • It creates new opportunities and lines of business
  • It enables real-time analysis and customer service
  • It connects your organization to your customers in long lasting way
  • It allows you to replace systems over time, as new technologies emerge.

WCG:ITX can help your organization

  • Map out data flows between systems in your enterprise
  • Develop integration software that allows you to connect your systems, and extend the data flows to new systems in the future.
  • Connect your organization to others with Web Services

Here’s a quick summary of how we’ve done this for several customers.

Freddie Mac. We provided the software to enable their B2B data flow between Freddie Mac, and their processing agents that completed the loans. Our software connected to the B2B exchange, and then fed the data into several loan processing engines, adding or updating loan data as appropriate.

Investigative Consultants. We defined a complex data flow to manage the real-time investigations. The resulting solution managed data feeds from over 50 data sources, including formal Web Services (SOAP / REST), web scraping of on-line data, and web based reports submitted by investigators

Pelagic Solutions. We developed several Microsoft CRM integration projects for Pelagic’s customers. We connected enterprise data from AS/400 systems, Web Leads, and complex Excel Financial Models into CRM. We also updated enterprise accounting systems, and QuickBooks with CRM data.

DHL GlobalMail. The SmartCharge system we developed for DHL serves as a starting point for integration. DHL further connects with customers by integrating the software into customers organizations. WCG:ITX connects SmartCharge into both the customers mail processing and accounting operations, eliminating the need for customers to develop this capability internally.

We welcome new integration challenges as opportunities to apply our proven approaches. We’re confident that we can help make the challenge of integration become a competitive advantage for your organization.